Awards Ceremony for Scholarship Winners in Sterling


sterling_awardsSeventeen students from the Rock Falls-Sterling, Ill. area were awarded scholarships by the Twin Cities Educational Scholarship, Inc. Awards Ceremony on June 23, 2007. Sixteen of the students received awards in the amount of $500 but one student, Hannah Cruz was awarded a full ride for one year at the University of Western Illinois. The student with the best

overall academic average wins the full ride when they enroll in a university in the state of Ill.  Cruz is majoring in sociology and plans to go to law school, she said.
“I’m very lucky,” she said. “I’m very honored and I’ll put the scholarship to good use.”

Jessie Ruiz, the appointed chairman of the Illinois State Board of Education, was the keynote speaker and addressed how vibrant the Latino community is in the state.
“Financial support is important,” he said. “But community support and family support are also important.” Ruiz said that one should take the opportunities that have been provided to you.

“Become educated, become educators and start giving back as well,” he advised.
TCES, Inc. provided free food and refreshments for the families of the scholarship winners at the awards ceremony.  Since its founding in 1977 the TCES has awarded over $350,000 in scholarships to over 400 deserving Latino college students.

President of TCES John Espinoza said that the scholarship winners do not just receive the money. The winners have to sign a commitment of twenty hours of volunteer work in fundraisers. Recipients from the previous year contribute their time to help raise funds for the scholarships.  A family with two or more applicants has to give thirty hours of work at the fundraisers.

“If you just give someone something, they don’t appreciate it,” he said.

2007-2008 Scholarship Recipients:
Alicia Cox
Alexander Batten
Alyssa González
Austin Morgan
Brandon Cervantes
Christine Venghaus
Daniela Lemus
Edelia Rivera
Hannah Cruz
Jamie Rodríguez
Jessica Cruz de Osuna
Leah Rodríguez
Sam Gallardo
Sean Banda
Shane González
Stefanie Venghaus
Tyler Reyes

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