AngeLozano Mexican artisan purses come to Iowa


These small pieces of art are too beautiful to keep hidden in a closet. These unique, one of a kind, colorful products with elaborate designs made by real mexican artisans are meant to be taken out and shown off. Every lady’s leather bag or purse form AngeLozano is a work of love that will never go out of style. It is timeless, and for a lady that likes a beautiful purse, it is worth every penny.

By now you might wonder what is AngeLozano and how can I get me one of their products. In order to learn a little bit more about this new brand and people behind it we talked to a couple who are the exclusive licensed distributors of AngeLozano products in Iowa and the Midwest.

Juan Garnica and his wife Jeannette Perez are the exclusive licensed distributors of AngeLozano products in Iowa and the Midwest

Jeannette Perez is from Santa Ana, California and Juan Garnica is from Leon, Guanajuato. When she turned 2, Mrs. Perez moved to Mexico where she studied and eventually worked as an esthetician. While pursuing her career in the world of beauty Mrs. Perez met Juan Garnica and in the year 2000 the couple got married. To support the newly formed family the couple tried to launch various small businesses.


“We tried to achieve success trying out many activities, from a beauty salon and even a video and photo business,” Mr. Garnica shared the beginning of their journey before they met and became good friends with the owners of AngeLozano. “We always support each other in everything, as would any married couple that is looking to stay united and form a family together.”

For the last 10 years before coming over to the United States, Mr. Garnica worked at a factory that manufactures soles. He added that such factories are widespread through the city of Leon in Guanajuato, Mexico.

“It was there where I met Rafael, the husband of Angeles Lozano,” Mr. Garnica remembers how the couple met and became friends with the owners of the company AngeLozano. “I remember that at that time Angeles Lozano launched her business of bags and purses made of synthetic material.”


He added that even then the business was well received and successful.

“At that time I used to sell those bags and purses,” Mrs. Perez added.


Living in Leon, Guanajuato, a city known worldwide as the city of leather, it was natural for Angelozano to start making their products from real high-quality leather.

“I was one of the persons that suggested to them [owners of AngeLozano] that they should sell bags made of real leather,” Mrs. Perez said. “Because I know that Latinos we love products made of real leather. Angelozano decided to launch a line made of authentic leather and the best part of it was the creativity by AngeLozano to add embroidery made by women artisans from Chiapas.”


Mr. Garnica wants everyone to know that this is not any simple embroidery. It is real artisan hand made embroidery and takes women up to 40 hours to make one. Each piece is made with love for the craft. The artisans receive the pay they ask because only they know how much their work is really worth.

“Thanks to [being able to sell their works to AngeLozano] the artisan women can help support their families with payments for school, buy clothing, medicines all because AngeLozano pays the rates that they ask.”

While business was going well for Angelozano in Mexico, the owner wanted to go beyond the borders of Mexico. They wanted to share the beauty created by Mexican artisans. They wanted the whole world to know how amazingly stunning the works of Mexican artisans are.

“I remember that around 2012 I talked to Rafael about promoting the products in the United States,” Mr. Garnica shared.

Mr. Garnica and Mrs. Perez came to United States in around 2013. But before they could start introducing AngeLozano to Americans they had to settle in the U.S.

“First, we went to California,” Mrs. Perez remembers. “we were new arrivals to the United States it was very difficult to find affordable rent for a family with 4 kids . My husband could not find a job and we ran out of the savings we had. That is why we decided to come to Iowa [and here] we got help from friends and family.”

Over time while living in Iowa the couple were hit with difficulties once again and they lost their jobs. As the saying goes, when one door closes, another one opens. That is what happened to this couple.

“4 years after coming here we talked again and decided to participate in the concept called AngeLozano,” Mr. Garnica added.

The fact that he would work side by side with his wife and kids were one of the deciding factors in launching their business Mex Art Iowa by AngeLozano. Another factor was the pride the couple felt in sharing the amazing embroidery on real leather bags made by authentic artisans who love their work.

“[AngeLozano] pays a just price to the artisans, in other words artisans set the price of their work, but the truth is that those who appreciate and value the artisanal work understand its value.,” Mr. Garnica explained.

Once they registered their business they started to spread the word about AngeLozano.

“In November of 2018 we started to show our products to the public,” Mrs. Perez shared. “People loved the quality. We are proud to work as a family promoting the art and love which are put into these products when they are made.”

“From 2018 until now we have traveled to different towns in Iowa making sales in person, at friends homes, in beauty salons and in businesses owned by people who allow us to show and at the same time participate in the promotion of our artisan works to our clients that are not only Latinos, but also Americans and who appreciate the art of other cultures,” Mr. Garnica added.

Mr. Garnica and Mrs. Perez decided that it will be their mission to spread the love for Mexican culture and arts and at the same time help artisans make a living through AngeLozano. And now they are working hard trying to introduce the world to the beauty of Mexican artisanal art.

“Many of our clients say with nostalgia, that it is a piece of their roots and culture which they show off with pride when they buy from us,” Mr. Garnica said. “This is something that motivates us to keep on working in this business, we do not just sell bags and wallets, we are sharing art made with love and joy.”

If you are interested in the products made by AngeLozano look for Mex Art Iowa by AngeLozano on Facebook. You can also contact the couple through Whatsapp by calling or sending a message to (616) 634-4085 and they can send you a catalog and price list.

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