After 8 years a Latina songwriter raised in Des Moines,IA debuted her first album “Reminiscent”


“I have been a song writer since I was 13. I wrote my first song since I was about to enter eighth grade. I didn’t take it seriously until I showed it to my music teacher Mr. Oliver.” said Lorena Eclatt, raised in Des Moines, IA and a student at Drake studying for Vocal Music Business! Which is a combination of Classical music studies and Entrepreneurship classes. 

Eclatt continued “He said if you can write and compose it for the orchestra concert. I will let you perform your song. So I took the time to write the song and I performed it and that was the first time I ever performed anything original.” 

After 8 years of hardwork Reminiscent is out now on all streaming platform. Eclatt has been a songwriter for nearly 8 years and has made around 51 songs and the album will include 12 songs. It all started in 8th grade and ever since then not alot of people have known she was a singer.


“Throughout high school I had a goal of performing as much as I could. I definitely wanted to be on stage and people didn’t know I was a singer” said Eclatt 

Throughout Eclatt’s journey she has made herself involved in every aspect of the Music industry. From singing in open mics at Java Joes to singing at Senior Homes there is no doubt that the future only gets brighter. 

To her transition to college and the year of 2020 Eclatt learned early during her time in school virtually, she didn’t want to work at an eight to four job. She wanted to dedicate time to writing & recording music.

“The year with the pandemic was a mental break of seeing what I wanted to do and I wanted to take it seriously,” said Eclatt. 

With the planning of her album and bringing 12 of her songs to light. Every musician’s creative process is different,  but with the pandemic this has put individuals  in a room to work on their craft. 

“There is a song called Some Days to Bring Rain and I wrote it at the grand piano at Drake and there was something on my chest. I didn’t know what it was and I wrote it! Then the song came to life so it just happened.”said Eclatt 


Eclatt continues “There are days when I sit down and want to write a song. I take a previous experience and I come up with my music first and my chord progressions, piano parts, then the melody, then the lyrics. “

Eclatt has even started a series on Tik Tok of playing the piano around the city and starting a concert just to bring music to the community. 


The story of her album is a progression of a love story from beginning to end. From wondering if she will ever find anyone. To meeting someone online and wondering if they are who they are.

“If your feelings for them are even real, if what you have is even a reality.” said Eclatt 

Eclatt continued “One of the songs is ‘A Song, now we finally met up is this it. lluvia [The following song] is kind of like omg we are so happy and this a great moment”

From having to meet someone online, to having to finally meet them in person; this story continues to progress. 

No longer in love” is a fan favorite that is the last one on the track and it is about looking back. Starting when you are single and ending when you are single.” said Eclatt

Disgusting is a song in the album that not only includes english, but also involves spanish. From having to be lost and to finding a way through life; love is a language that can be expressed through art, music, and words. Eclatt has had challenges in her career, but any type of challenge brings music to the world.

Do what makes you happy, not to focus on what others might think of and what you like and what makes you happy as a musician.” said Eclatt 

With Eclatt representing her Colombian Heritage, the LatinX community, and making her voice heard. She is a true role model for the young LatinX community. There is no doubt that her album release will bring joy to others. 

“Appreciating your people and appreciating your heritage and making it known. People love seeing that. They love seeing the appreciation and representation; I don’t want to lose that ever” said Eclatt 

Eclatt is a one woman show, as she composes, arranges, records and performs while in school.

After Eclatt’s hard work and dedication these past couple years her Album Reminiscent is out now! The album is now available on all streaming platforms and on Spotify. To support and follow Eclatts career follow her on Facebook @lanisings

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