Adelina’s Grill opens after four year hiatus


By Susanna Meyer, Times Republican

T-R PHOTO BY SUSANNA MEYER Antonio Palacios is the owner of Adelina’s Grill, located on 101 N. Center St., and after a four year hiatus, the restaurant has officially reopened.

Recent years have been tough for Marshalltown business and restaurant owners, but bit by bit, things are beginning to return to normal. One example is Adelina’s Grill, formerly Rancho Adelina’s, a local Mexican restaurant back open for business after four years closed.


Owner Antonio Palacios said Adelina’s Grill closed its doors temporarily for repairs after being battered by the 2018 tornado. Then, in 2020, the pandemic and derecho hit, further preventing them from reopening the business.

Now, the long wait is finally over, and Adelina’s — located at 101 N. Center St. — has been open for about a week. Little by little, business is picking up again.

Palacios runs Adelina’s with his sister and several of his friends who have worked with him in the past, and after so much time away, he’s just glad to be back.

“We like this community, and at one point, we thought about maybe selling the building. But you know, this is a small, nice town to live in, and we like to be in this area. So we kept the building and we’re pretty excited,” Palacios said.

Palcios said in the week they’ve been open, he’s seen people who used to visit Adelina’s prior to the closure coming in to enjoy a meal.


“I saw some people that I recognize now, that they are coming back and they are happy, (saying) ‘Oh, you guys are finally open again,’” Palacios said.


Patrons who walk in to Adelina’s might notice a few changes, like new items on the menu and some changes to the interior of the restaurant. By and large, however, it has stayed the same. Palacios said the first time they opened Adelina’s back in 2016, they received a lot of positive feedback and stayed fairly busy, so they wanted to mirror that opening this year. After being out of the restaurant business for a while, Palacios found that he missed the environment and the job.

“At one point I thought I might need a break, but you miss it almost every single day,” he said. “For me, being in a restaurant, you see people every day. You talk to people every day. It makes me feel sometimes like I’m at some big party, and it’s kind of fun. You know, there’s days where it could be a headache, but mostly it’s not.”

Adelina’s Grill is open Tuesday through Sunday from 10:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. While the outdoor patio isn’t open for dining yet, Palacios is hoping that it will be ready to go later in the summer. For now, indoor dining is open to all.


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