100 Mexicans firefighters have arrived in California to assist with the wildfires


Mexico has sent firefighters to Central California to help fight the fires that have been raging there for weeks.


On wednesday September 23, 2020 100 firefighters from 22 states across Mexico landed in California to support American firefighters. After a couple of days of training Mexican firefighters will be joining the fire crews that are out there battling SQF Complex Fires in Tulare County.

“Fires do not have different languages and cultures,” said lead firefighter Eduardo Cruz, National Fire Director of CONAFOR, the National Forestry Commission of Mexico. “In the end we all speak the same language when it comes to fighting fire.”


By now the fires have burned 144,708 acres and destroyed almost 200 structures. Only 33% was contained.

The United States Forest Service and the Mexican government have a long history of helping each other out with forest and fire management.

California is currently experiencing the worst fire season in history. There are 23 fires raging out of control and fire crews do not have enough personnel to fight them. Canada has also sent a team to help fire crews in the United States. 

The Forest Service has mobilized 100 wildland firefighters from 22 states across Mexico to assist with the California Wildfires.
Photo USFS – Fire California

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