Writer Dagoberto Gilb Visits Iowa


The Iowa Division of Latino Affairs Office recently welcomed writer Dagoberto Gilb who came to visit Iowa to see for himself the types of jobs that national and international immigrants do when they come to work in these areas.
Gilb has impressed the literature world due to the content of his work and has influenced new generations to be writers.  In his
work he reflects on daily life and why “life is how it is”.  From there the objective of his visit was to write an essay on the origins of corn from Mezo-America to his recent incursion in Iowa.  His work will be published in one of the United States most prestigious magazines.
The writer visited a farm in Coneville, southeast of Iowa, and spoke to the farm owners and workers to get to know more about the production of corn.  “The conclusion I came to on this visit, is that Iowans and immigrants are the same in the aspect that they are hard working people and they respect eachother mutually”, stated the chicano.
Like a good philosopher, Dagoberto believes that the people who are tired of life tend to behave badly or complain about everything.  He criticized the white media, the rich and the politicians of only judging the bad things Latinos do.  “They’re the first to blame our gangs because of their negative presence in society but however were incapable of judging them of the motorized units in which men and women of bad appearance run through our cities”, he commented.
The California native writer and resident of the state of Texas will be one of the special guests at the Iowa Juvenile Congress that the IDLA will hold on December 7th, 2007.
Finally, Gilb urged the Latino community to win the battle against discrimination and poverty by becoming the opposite of what they are.  “Go and obtain the position you desire, go to school if you wish to go to school, but do it convinced that that is what you really want.  Whatever you wish to become must bring you happiness, joy…”

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