Woman that ran over girl for being “a Mexican” has charges suspended while awaiting competency evaluation

Nicole Poole at her preliminary court hearing on December 30, 2019. photo by Tar Macias / Hola Iowa

This morning Nicole Poole Franklin, 42, was scheduled for her preliminary hearing on the first count of attempted murder hearing, her lawyer, Matthew Sheely asked for a psychiatric evaluation to determine if she is mentally competent.


Sheely said Franklin is suffering from a mental disorder and is incompetent to stand trial.

Senior Polk County District Court Judge Karen Romano granted the request for a competency evaluation claiming there is probable cause.


Joe Henry the president of the League of United Latinamerican Citizens Des Moines council 307 had this to say “this type of hateful behavior can be traced back to Trump and his supporters who have spread falsehoods and hate mongering.”

“We are demanding Justice for Natalia. As part of that effort we have started to put pressure on public officials through the media, we have started a petition, and now we are going to start sending letters to the South District Court of Iowa.” He added.

Photo by Tar Macias

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