What is Hispanic Heritage Month?

Flag Parade at the Iowa Latino Heritage Festival 2019. Photo Tar Macias / Hola Iowa

Every year The United States celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month. Hispanic Heritage month starts on September 15 and it ends on October 15. This month is dedicated to celebrating Hispanic heritage and all the achievements of Hispanics of this country.

Celebration of Hispanics started in 1968 when then president of The United States Lyndon B. Johnson proclaimed one week of September as a Hispanic Week. In 1988 the week turned into a month.  Every year the president of the United States proclaims the beginning of the Hispanic Heritage Month and he invites everyone to participate in this celebration of Hispanic Heritage and achievements of Hispanics.

The reason why Hispanic Heritage Month starts on September 15 is because 5 Latin American Countries Costa Rica. El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua celebrate independence on this day. In addition Mexico celebrates its Independence Day on September 16 and Chile on September 18. Also, October 11 was designated as Dia de la Raza (Columbus Day in U.S.).


During Hispanic Heritage month The United States celebrates Hispanics who helped to make this country what it is now. It does not matter whether it was a reporter, artist, singer, astronaut, scientist or businessman; every one of them has contributed to the development of this country. Immigrants were the ones that made this country a better place. Among those immigrants there are a lot of Hispanics who came here with nothing but a dream and desire to work hard to reach that dream. Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates these Hispanics with a dream.

This month let’s celebrate all those who crossed all the obstacles and limits to shows us that with desire to reach a dream and hard work anything is possible. Let’s celebrate Hispanic heritage that has a lot of flavor and color to it. Let’s celebrate our people and ourselves.

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