Using a Keen Eye to Capture Memories

Jennifer Marquez, owner of Jams Creative Photography. Photo by Tatiana Peña / Hola Iowa

By Christina Fernández-Morrow, Hola Iowa

Growing up as an introvert, Jennifer Marquez often chose quiet hobbies that didn’t involve talking to a lot of people. That’s what she thought photography might be, but life has a way of changing even the best laid plans.

Today, the photographer and designer proudly talks to strangers about her love of all things lights and angles, and how she uses her skills with software like Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Lightroom to make special moments come to life. With clients across Iowa and even in neighboring states, Jennifer operates Jams Creative Photography with love and a careful eye for detail. That’s how she keys in on those quiet moments, like the groom’s first look at his bride, and smiles shared between loved ones when they think no one is looking. “My favorite part about being a business owner is getting to see my clients that I capture slowly open themselves up with confidence in front of the camera. It’s almost like they leave the session glowing,” gushes Marquez. “Capturing the rawest moments that are candid and being able to enjoy those photos generations later,” is what inspires Marquez in her business. 


Photo by Tatiana Peña / Hola Iowa

As a mother and up-and-coming leader among entrepreneurs, Marquez works to balance time, passion, and income. “A challenge I overcame was… how to price my own value of my work. Also, that it was okay to say no. I’ve learned to put myself and my family first whatever the situation may be and not let my career overwork me.” She takes pride in her work, often spending hours editing photos after long days on her feet following brides, grooms and their friends and family during their celebrations. But that’s also what drives her. “What motivates me is doing something that I love. It’s creative to build a career from photography. It’s always something different every time and it excites me to guide people on posing, what to wear, confidence, etc.” It’s clear from the moments she shares on her Instagram and website that her work is exquisite and precise. There are fun shots that capture her clients’ personalities, and intimate moments that happened in a flash, but Marquez caught it and turned it into art. 

This once shy artist is just beginning to shine and wants others to do the same. After thoughtful consideration, she offers this advice to anyone thinking about going into entrepreneurship: 

  • Always be open to learning new knowledge. Never deny help and connect/collaborate with others!
  • Word of mouth is the best method to grow your business.
  • Stay consistent.
  • There may be failing moments but those are learning moments. Accept them fully to advance to the next chapter.

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