True Potential Scholarship program celebrates 10 years of providing educational opportunities for immigrant students

Co-founder Karen Corral de Pesek along with two scholarship recipients from Iowa Ruth Arroliga and Erendira Ornelas, along with Erika Macias of Hola Iowa. Photo by Tar Macias / Hola Iowa

On the evening of June 15, 2023, the True Potential Scholarship program held its 10th-anniversary celebration dinner at the Swanson Conference Center in Omaha, Nebraska. 

The True Potential Scholarship program, established in 2013, provides educational opportunities for immigrants unable to access public college funds in Nebraska and Iowa. Partnering with Community Colleges, the program supports students pursuing various professions such as nursing, teaching, entrepreneurship, engineering, mechanics, and more. 

True Potential Scholarship program 10th-anniversary celebration dinner

With over 200 beneficiaries, the program takes a student-centered approach, Supporting individuals at different stages of their educational journey, whether recent high school graduates or adult learners. True Potential contributes to a positive narrative of immigrants as valuable contributors to the United States, nurturing students to become vital members of society. The program expresses gratitude to supporters committed to shaping a more inclusive and equitable future for immigrants in the country.

The idea for this scholarship was born out of experience. Ross & Karen Pesek, the founders of this program, were able to attend college because of the generosity of others. Ross attended Central Community College, Wayne State College and the University of Nebraska College of Law over seven years, all in scholarships. Karen attended Central Community College and Wayne State College also with a scholarship.


Ross and Karen recognize that without the support and generosity of scholarship donors, reaching for their True Potential would have been a lot more challenging.


True Potential, operating under Matters On Tomorrow, minimizes costs and maximizes donations through matching agreements with college foundations and thanks to the generosity of local individuals and organizations. Over the last decade, True Potential has awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships to more than 200 immigrants in Nebraska and Iowa. They have been successful thanks to their partnerships and support from the Omaha Community Foundation, the Mexican Consulate in Omaha, and the Jesusita y Santos Baros Courage and Fortitude Fund. 

The Consulate of Mexico in Omaha, through the “IME scholarships” program, has collaborated with the True Potential Scholarship organization for 10 years. Through a Memorandum of Understanding in the “match funds” modality, both parties seek that young immigrants have access to affordable and quality higher education.” statement made on the Facebook page of the Consulate of Mexico in Omaha

True Potential receives applications year-round, for more information and to apply for the scholarship, visit their website: or contact them at 402-342-9684 or email [email protected]

Congratulations to the True Potential Scholarship program on its 10th anniversary.

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