Traditional and New Media Join Forces in Candidate Debate


Cable news network CNN and online video website You Tube joined forces in a televised debate on Monday, July 23 for the Democratic Candidates. The event was presented with You Tube videos in which people asked their own questions. All of the candidates in attendance also presented their own You Tube commercial.
The first question was more of a rather amusing statement as the person who asked wanted the candidates to just answer the question and “stop beating around the bush.” No immigration questions were asked in the
debate and only a question on health care and asked if whether the candidates would support for it everyone, including the undocumented.
Most of the questions were on Iraq, education, gay marriage, and the environment.  The debate allowed for some different questions like who each candidate’s favorite teacher was and to name one good thing and one bad thing about the person standing next to you in the debate.
Only former South Carolina Senator John Edwards took a shot at a negative comment on another candidate in the ‘one bad thing about the person next to you’ question. The person was New York Senator Hillary Clinton.
“I’m not sure about that pink coat,” he said.
Clinton responded, “Yes, John, it’s a good thing we’re ending soon.”
New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson said that he loved all the candidates in the debate.
“In fact they’d all do great in the White House as my Vice President.” He said.
The Republican Debate is September 17 and anyone interested in submitting a video/question can go online to

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