The Office of Latino Affairs, EMBARC and The Iowa Spanish Helpline Task Force Announce the Launch of the Iowa Spanish Helpline (Línea de Ayuda en Iowa)


The Office of Latino Affairs, the Iowa Spanish Helpline Task Force (Directors from Latino Centers and other Latino Leaders across Iowa) and EMBARC, Iowa’s first refugee-led social service organization, released the statewide Iowa Spanish Helpline. 

EMBARC understands the need for culturally-relevant COVID-19-related information and resources for Latinx communities across Iowa to help support themselves, their loved ones and Iowa, as many of the essential workers in Iowa identify as Latinx. The Task Force leading this initiative recognizes the need to serve the most vulnerable Latinxs in Iowa who face additional challenges associated with COVID-19, such as lack of access to life-saving information, support and connections to resources.

The Iowa Spanish HelpLine provides more than resources to the callers- it connects clients to virtual case management services throughout the COVID-19 pandemic response and recovery, such as:

  • Navigating the TestIowa website including completing assessments for testing eligibility
  • Filling out forms for unemployment, small business relief funds, and public benefits
  • Providing educational assistance for students and parents including filling out the FAFSA application, finding and applying for postsecondary education and helping to find scholarships
  • Facilitating advocacy in navigating the healthcare system and any other systems as necessary
  • Accessing local and state assistance and finding other sources for clients who cannot access local and state assistance
  • Finding employment and other financial resources
  • Reading important mail and forms in English that the client would not otherwise be able to access
  • Providing up-to-date information regarding questions and concerns related to COVID-19 in Iowa
  • Locating an appropriate provider in their area for clients who do not have a medical home or connecting with their current medical home regarding medical concerns or questions
  • Connecting with their local Latino-led organization for support, connection and advocacy
  • And more.

The line will be open Monday-Saturday from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. the number to call is 515-344-3936


“As the Latinx population increases in Iowa, we seek to empower our communities” Gisella Aitken-Shadle.

“In the face of adversity with this global pandemic, we need to make sure we stand united as Latino-Iowans” Louis Moreno, Iowa Commission of Latino Affairs.

The Spanish HelpLine Task Force is composed of members from the following organizations:

For more information, visit the Linea de Ayuda webpage.  

The number to call is 515-344-3936

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