The New American Pioneers: Why Are We Afraid of Mexican Immigrants?


hernandezThat is the title of the book written by Dr. Juan Hernandez who is the founder of the Center for U.S.-Mexico Studies at the University of Texas in Dallas where he had the opportunity to meet and have as speakers for his student the Mexican ex-president Vicente Fox and U.S. President George W. Bush (both governors in their respective countries at the time: Fox of the state of Guanajuato and Bush of Texas).  Later Juan Hernandez became one of the more important components in Vicente Fox’s presidential campaign, as part of the presidential cabinet during his term.  Among the recognitions he has received, Dr. Juan Hernandez has been named as one of the “Most intelligent people we know” from Fortune magazine and one of the “100 most influential Latinos” by Poder magazine.
Maybe many of you have had the opportunity to see him and hear him through TV, since he frequently is invited to Univision, ABC and FOX News.
Even though this book touches on some of his life experiences,
his main goal is not to write about himself but to try to influence the thought of the 21st century American to try to establish the roadmap for North America and the world in the coming years; all the while helping to identify some of the most important issues and social priorities like immigration law reform.  He also shares with the reader his worries, hopes and dreams.
This book gives the reader a more clear image of the Mexican immigrant and the many reasons why they immigrate; and it does it through real stories told by immigrants in their own words, trying to show that Mexico as a nation is a friend, brother, our family.  It emphasizes why immigration is a vital part of the future of this country.  He underlines that: it maintains a young nation; helps protect social security in the country, avoids inflation, betters the quality of life and is the best anti-poverty program.  He also writes what a “Day without Mexicans” would be like.
“In the most vulnerable populations in the world, we find the immigrants.” Thousands of immigrants are victims of abuse from their employers who profit at their expense.  “The current immigration law is broke and we must fix it.” This book is a scream from a mind that fights for reform in the immigration system; but a reform with “immigration laws that are more rational and humane,” according to George W. Bush.
Even when many “Americans” are not happy with the new immigrants, Dr. Hernandez gives very important facts about the huge and positive contributions that are brought to this country by immigrants whom he refers to as “heroes among us.”  Especially those who take the hard labor jobs that almost nobody wants and that in many cases they have not had the opportunity to legalize their migratory status.  But they don’t complain, in fact in the worst conditions they are grateful that this country gives them an opportunity to work and support their family with dignity; and if it were not for these undocumented workers, the economy of the country would crash.  Unfortunately, Dr. Hernandez says that “the agreements about immigration between Mexico and the United States are hugely divided as close as one inch…in the measurement of a light year.  Such ironies exist when simple problems with simple solutions are complicated by politicians.”
For many readers of Hola America this topic is nothing new, it’s actually very beneficial to read this book but I highly recommend it to those who don’t know much about the subject especially those who we know who only speak English, doing it so to support one of the goals of Dr. Hernandez, which are also our goals.  This being the true meaning of an American.

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