The mysteries of the Maya come to life in MAYA: The Great Jaguar Rises. Now open at Union Station Kansas City


Kansas City, MO – The mysteries of the Maya come to life in MAYA: The Exhibition -The Great Jaguar Rises, now open at Union Station Kansas City. Featuring one of the most substantial Maya collections in the world, with over 300 priceless artifacts, primarily dating from 200 through 900 AD, most of which have never before traveled outside of Guatemala.

The MAYA: The Exhibition -The Great Jaguar Rises in Union Station’s Bank of America Gallery is open 7-days a week, 10 am-5 pm (including Labor Day). 

Presented by Bank of America, MAYA: The Exhibition at Union Station presents the story of a sophisticated civilization buried in the heart of the rainforest.  The mysteries of the Maya are revealed in brilliant fashion in this powerful presentation that ends with an intimate introduction to the millions of Maya who today carry on their traditions in language and lineage.  Many years in the making, this exhibition is currently only approved to travel to Kansas City and Union Station.


“The complexities of curating such a large and high-profile exhibition are many,” Peter Elsaesser, Museums Partner CEO, shared.  “Negotiations to bring together and tour priceless cultural artifacts often take years.  In fact, we’ve been working for over two years on this particular collection of Maya treasures.”

This exhibit offers audiences all over the midwest a truly historic opportunity to experience the fascinating and mysterious story of the Maya and their enduring contributions to our modern world.  

“Who knows if this chance will ever come around again.” Elsaesser added.


 Only a 3hr drive from the Des Moines Metro area and less than a 3 hr drive from Omaha this exhibition makes for a great weekend or 1-day trip for many people living in the midwest. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience MAYA: The Exhibition, especially during Hispanic Heritage Month.

Tickets to MAYA: The Exhibition are available on Union Station’s website and interested guests are encouraged to lock in their reservations.  Over 2,000 guests had purchased tickets in anticipation to this exhibit that opened on August 19, 2022.




  • Adults $19.50
  • Children $14.50
  • Union Station Members $14.00
  • EBT Cardholders $4.50
  • 10% Union Station Preservation Fee is added to all tickets.

Exhibition runs at Union Station thru January 1, 2023.

Maya: The Great Jaguar Rises is produced by MuseumsPartner featuring important Pre-Columbian works of art in custody of Fundación La Ruta Maya in Guatemala, with the avail of the Ministerio de Cultura y Deportes de Guatemala.

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