In 1984 Mary Campos and Iowa State representative Wayne W. Ford created the Brown and Black Forum. This is a Presidential forum for everyone wishing to meet presidential candidates and hear them speak.  At the time of its creation this was the first forum of this kind in the country. The Brown & Black Forum is the oldest non-partisan forum that focuses on issues and concerns of the minority communities.


Campos shared that before the creation of the Brown & Black Forum she noticed that the candidates would go only to big cities where more people with better resources were. Campos felt that everyone should have a chance to meet candidates and hear them speak and that is how the Brown and Black Forum came to be. Now this is a place where everyone can be a part of the decision that affects the whole country. It is free and every person interested in participating is invited to be part of this unique forum.

 “My work is in justice and discrimination, but I also fell in love with politics,” Campos said with a smile.  “Thanks to this Forum I had a chance to meet many presidential candidates. For me, my life was a very interesting one.”


The Brown & Black Forum put an opportunity in front of Campos to meet many people that most of us see only on TV. In fact, the well-known journalist and beloved by many in the Hispanic community, Jorge Ramos was present for the first ever Brown & Black Forum in January of 1984. And this year he will be the moderator of this Forum that will be televised on Fusion Network and its digital media. 

Mary Campos was the first Latina woman to co-chair the Iowa Brown-Black Presidential Forum. And being the age she is she does not show any signs of stopping. In fact she keeps on going and trying to get Hispanics to be more involved in the Iowa Caucus.


 “We need to open our eyes and keep on going,” she said.

 She explained that the Hispanic community needs more lawyers, doctors and other well educated people who will help the community to reach even more goals and become the voice that matters.

That is why Mary Campos invites everyone to learn more about the Caucus and come out to vote because “people have a voice and they need to learn to use it.”

 Please come to meet the presidential candidates during the Brown & Black Forum that will be at the Sheslow Auditorium of Drake University in Iowa. The Democratic candidates will appear in front of the audience on January 11 of 2016 at 7 PM. It is free and everyone is welcomed to come.



Brown and Black Forum Moderators

“Stop being polite, start getting real”: What the moderators of the Brown and Black Forum hope to see from the Democratic presidential candidates.

Posted by Fusion on Wednesday, January 6, 2016


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NOTE: As of last month Brown and Black Forum was informed that Republican candidates were cancelling their participation in the forum that was originally set to be on December 3 then moved to January 9 before they finally cancelled. It was stated that the cancellation was due to schedule conflict with the candidates.


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