The Fiesta Taurina


fiesta_taurinaThe Fiesta Taurina is one of the more popular attractions of the Feria de Leon each year in Mexico.  In my latest visit I had the opportunity to attend the third installment of the Fiesta Taurina Season that took place on Jan. 28, 2007 in the Plaza de Toros la Luz.  In the photo gallery we see the young bullfighter Ismail Rodriguez up against 2 bulls from the farms of “Fernando de la Mora”.
  The Spaniard Rejoneador (lancer) Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza mounted four different horses and was able to dominate the 1,102 pound (500 kilos) bull named “Califa” as well as another one also from the same farms.  The program also featured the bullfighter Omar Villaseñor that at one point was flipped in the air by the bull. Villaseñor overcame that to survive the two bulls he confronted. The photographs are graphic but they showcase the passion, art and the savagery of this traditional battle to death between man and animal.

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