The 64th Annual Fiesta Day Parade of Sterling & Rock Falls is looking for entries


Fiesta Day Parade is a tradition that is more than six decades old and still going strong in the Sauk Valley Area. It is almost time to register for Fiesta Day Parade that takes place on Saturday, September 10 in Sterling/Rock Falls.

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This tradition not only celebrates Mexican Independence Day, but also it is there to honor the variety of rich and colorful cultural contributions that Hispanics brought to this region of the country. After 60 years of great celebrations planned by the Latin American Social Club in Sterling now the torch of carrying on with this tradition is passed to The Hispanic Business Leaders’ Committee and the Sauk Valley Area Chamber of Commerce.
With every year the organizers try to expand the event and make it even better than before and that is why this year there are plans to have a special event after the parade. The organizers hope to have this event in Sterling and they plan to have different food vendors and great entertainment.
The organizers invite all members of the Hispanic community to participate in the parade and the weeklong celebration of Mexican Independence. This will be a great family event where Latinos of Sterling, Rock Falls, Dixon and surrounding area can represent their country, region or city with a nice float highlighting the beauty of where you and your family comes from. Come out and share with everyone how proud you are of your heritage.
If you would like to register to participate in the Fiesta Day Parade, please do so before August 27. For more information about participation, or being volunteer or sponsor please call (815) 625-2400 or send an e-mail to [email protected]

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