Temporary visitor driver’s license


In order to improve traffic safety in the state of Illinois in January of 2013, Illinois governor signed a senate bill that would allow undocumented immigrants to obtain temporary visitor driver’s license (TVDL). In order to begin a process of obtaining TVDL, applicants are required to set an appointment at the office of Secretary of State. Applicants will have to show up for the appointment with required documents.

For those who do not understand English well there is someone in the Quad Cities who can help them to set an appointment with the office of Secretary of State. Jessica Gomez, who works at Allstate Knary Agency, is here to help Spanish speaking members of community with this kind of appointments. There is no charge for this kind of service. Jessica Gomez told that it would be better that those interested in setting an appointment come to her office, so she can help them in Spanish free of charge.

“I enjoy working with Hispanic community and to help members of the community and also help them to understand the need of insurance in the United States,” Jessica Gomez said.


In order to set an appointment with office of Secretary of State one needs to give their date of birth and full name that is why it would be of a great help to Gomez if the applicants who are seeking an appointment would bring their matricula consular.

Once she helps you make the appointment Jessica can help you go over what else you will need to take with you to the DMV.

Jessica Gomez invites everyone who is looking for help with their temporary visitor driver’s license appointments to give her a call or stop by her office. Her phone number is (309) 792-8200. Allstate Knary Agency is located at 1180 Avenue of the City, East Moline.


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