Storm Lake school census: 52% Hispanic, 17% Asian, 14% Anglo 71% ‘low socio-economic status’


By Jake Kurtz, The Storm Lake Times

Hispanic and Asian students make up nearly 70% of the student body at Storm Lake School District, according to the latest state data, with 41% of students classified as English Learners.

The state says 52.3% of Storm Lake’s enrollment of 2,712 students are Hispanic, followed by 17.2% Asian, 14.3% Anglo, 7.7% Hawaiian/Pacific Islander and 6.3% Black/African American.


Just over 41% of Storm Lake students are English Learners and 71.2% are classified as low socio-economic status.


Across Iowa’s 327 public school districts, 73.9% of students are Anglo, while 11.7% are Hispanic, 6.6% Black/African-American and 2.5% Asian. A reported 6.3% of students are English Learners in Iowa and 41.8% are low socio-economic.

At Alta-Aurelia (enrollment 758), Anglo students make up 76.6% of the population, 16.9% Hispanic and 1.5% Black/African-American and Hawaiian/Pacific Islander. Just over 7% of A-A students are English Learners.

Newell-Fonda’s student body (513) is 76.2% Anglo, 15.6% Hispanic, 3.9% Hawaiian/Pacific Islander and 0% Asian.

The Anglo population is higher at Sioux Central (627) at 86.9%. Hispanic students account for 9.6% and Asian 1.1%.

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