The Iowa Commission of Latino Affairs extends their deepest sympathies to the family and friends of Mollie Tibbetts. The loss of a child is never easy; our heart goes out to everyone affected by this loss.


In solidarity, we hope that justice will be served to those responsible for this horrific crime. We cannot forget that this is not an issue of race, or immigration status, rather an issue of a heinous act committed by one person to another.


Moreover, this is not a political matter; our focus as a community should remain on finding answers and justice for Tibbetts and her family. As Iowans, it is essential that we remain united during this difficult times.


Our thoughts and prayers are with the family.


Iowa Commission of Latino Affairs,


Jeannette Brown, Commission Chair

Marlu Abarca, Vice-Chair

Lorena Gingerich, Secretary

Juan Rodriguez, Commissioner

Rev. Alfonzo Perez, Commissioner

Junior Jaime, Commissioner


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