Self-Love One Lash At a Time 


By Lily Allen-Dueñas, Hola Iowa

Who doesn’t need more self-love and self-care these days? ​​Jaqueline Cisneros, a first-generation Latina with roots in Guatemala and Mexico, along with her business partner from the Philippines, embarked on a mission to promote self-love and self-care through their business, Bronze Room. The Bronze Room opened in April 2023 in Urbandale and offered a range of beauty services such as facial waxing, brow lamination and tint, facials, massage, and advanced skin care services.

Jaqueline’s motivation stemmed from recognizing a need in her community for a dedicated space where people could experience a variety of self-care services. “We share a passion of wanting to be of service to our community and advocates for self-love and self-care, something we don’t see often enough in our culture,” said Jaqueline.


Opening the Bronze Room came with its challenges, especially navigating the complexities of partnerships and being self-funded without grants or loans— which is an incredible feat! Jaqueline also discussed the difficulty of time constraints, “As our business grows finding the right balance of availability while also having a full-time job can be tricky.” Entrepreneurs often have to maintain full-time jobs while their businesses are new, which creates even more difficulty in creating work-life balance.

However, Jaqueline’s advocacy for self-care takes on added significance in this context. By promoting self-love and self-care through the Bronze Room, she not only served her clients but also prioritized her own well-being and work-life balance. It’s a reminder that despite the demands of entrepreneurship, self-care is crucial.

Jacqueline came from a family of entrepreneurs. As she exclaimed, “I am surrounded by entrepreneurs in my family! I love the creative freedom I get by being my own boss!” Jacqueline’s enthusiasm isn’t just for herself and her freedom, she also is passionate about people. “I love creating a safe space for people where they can relax. The uncapped potential to grow into something bigger for my community keeps me going as a business owner.”


Jacqueline highlights the importance of breaking down barriers in wellness studios and salons by speaking Spanish and by representation. “Conozco a mucha gente who aren’t very comfortable speaking English and don’t get a facial, massage or brow lamination because they don’t even know where to find a place and wouldn’t feel comfortable asking questions of what to expect or even what do for aftercare.” And no one can say this better than Jacqueline herself, “As a queer Latina in Iowa, I make it a point to show our support for the LGBTQ+ community. Representation matters!”

While Bronze Room may have closed, Jaqueline’s dedication to promoting self-love and self-care endures. Jacqueline’s enthusiasm for wellness and her community remains strong. She continues to explore opportunities to share her passion for self-care and wellness in future endeavors. 


Bronze Room closed its doors on May 22, 2024. You can still check out the Bronze Room on Instagram

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