Second Annual “Celebra Floreciente” event to bring neighbors together


Celebrate Floreciente. Celebrate your community. Celebrate your neighbors. The second annual “Celebra Floreciente” event, spearheaded by the Palomares Social Justice Center along with Global Communities, the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Mississippi River, and Habitat for Humanity Quad Cities will take place on Saturday, May 7th with activities at the Palomares Social Justice Center at 133 4th Avenue and the Boys and Girls Club at 338 6th Street in Moline.
“The purpose of Celebra Floreciente is to bring neighbors and families together for a fun annual event, to educate children about their heritage, and to create pride in the Floreciente neighborhood,” Adrian Wille, Vice President of Palomares, said.
The day’s events will feature a variety of activities for children, ranging from arts and crafts to identifying their homes on maps of Floreciente, and also feature games and music for adults. In addition, flower pots will be distributed to Floreciente residents to beautify the neighborhood and provide a similar piece of art for their front porches. The event is free and all community residents are welcome to participate.
“We are excited to be able to take part in this year’s ‘Celebra Floreciente’ and are thankful for all the work Palomares took in spearheading this event,” said Annisa Wanat, Program Director for Global Communities – Moline. “The day’s events, plus the efforts to distribute flower pots to help beautify the neighborhood are great ways to help forge community pride and strengthen the feeling of togetherness.”
Apx. 100 flowerpots will be distributed to Floreciente residents signed up to receive one. The idea of having a common piece of artwork to display on porches emerged from community meetings organized by Global Communities, where community members expressed that this would help strengthen the sense of community. Several Floreciente residents, The Boys and Girls Club, and Habitat for Humanity have been working with Global Communities to sign up people for flower pots, and organize volunteers for their painting and distribution. Global Communities is also working with local businesses to “adopt” flower pots for their storefronts to increase their profile as active Floreciente residents as well.
Carmen Fuentes, of Carmen’s Jewelry at 925 4th Ave in Moline, is on the organizing committees for both the neighborhood flowerpots and the effort to get local businesses on board. “I went door-to-door with both neighbors and businesses and asked them to sign up for the flower pots because I think it’s important that Floreciente make the neighborhood “mas bonita” and build a sense of community between residents and businesses.”

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