Scott County Offers Help to Families Throughout the Q-C and Surrounding Areas


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Back in 2004 a total of 10.3 million households were able to obtain assistance through the Food Assistance Program. Scott County Kids can be looked at as the source for getting assistance to low-income families all over Iowa including the Quad Cities.

In a program called the ‘Community Partnership for Protecting Children’, Scott County Kids, along with their partner the Department of Human Services, has taken the initiative in working to offer a helping hand to families in though economic situations.“Families sometimes have to face the daily choice of either providing food for their kids, or paying doctor’s bills even paying the rent,” Kylah Rasche, Decategorization Coordinator, said.

The receiving of food stamps from the government usually had a negative association tied to it, but Scott County Kids is trying to turn that association into a positive one.  By calling it ‘The Food Assistance Program’ any reservations about getting help through Scott County and other organizations are diminished.

“We are trying to raise awareness about this program. It’s about protecting children of the area and providing them with healthy meals,” Rasche said. This program has her working with the Department of Human Services, schools, Juvenile Justice Department, families, and other various community agencies to better assist children in our community and keep them healthy so that they can have a more productive life.

She says that when a child doesn’t have the basic nutritional needs met, they don’t perform as well in school.   In turn, when they don’t perform well in school they are more at risk at dropping out and getting into problems with the law. “It’s wonderful to be involved in keeping children safe and working with families,” Rasche said.

Her role as Decategorization Coordinator leaves her with plenty to accomplish.  “[As Decategorization Coordinator] I look over different proposals, fill in the gaps in the community, various funding, support programs to keep kids out of child welfare and foster care. I am behind programs that promote healthy families,” Rasche said.

Unfortunately, programs such as the Food Assistance and Community Partnership for Protecting Children are not the first places needy families look for help while they are trying to get back on their feet simply because they are unsure where to find information on these helpful programs.

Since 1988 Scott County Kids has been helping millions of families get back on their feet.  If you think these programs can be of assistance to your family or someone that you know call toll-free 1-800-221-5689 or visit this web site: to find out about eligibility and where an office is located in Iowa.  In Davenport their offices are located at 600 W. 4th St. in the sixth floor.

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