Sauk Valley Community College signs agreement with Augustana College

SVCC president Dave Hellmich and Augustana president Andrea Talentino. El presidente de SVCC, Dave Hellmich, y la presidenta de Augustana, Andrea Talentino.

Sauk Valley Community College (SVCC) has entered into an agreement with Augustana College to enhance and expand opportunities for students enrolled at SVCC.

This agreement allows students enrolling at Dixon-based SVCC with the intention of completing an associate of arts program to apply to Augustana, located in Rock Island, at the same time. These students will be dual enrolled at SVCC and Augustana, having access to academic resources on both campuses.

At the completion of their associate’s degree, students are automatically admitted to Augustana (provided that transfer admission requirements are met) and will have junior standing.


As part of this Augustana Next partnership, SVCC students are eligible to take any two Augustana courses at a reduced rate. These dual-enrolled students may elect to enroll in Augustana courses during the academic year or in the summer for either major or general education courses.

Augustana Next provides SVCC students additional savings and increased access to an excellent transfer destination. This partnership helps bridge the gap and ease the transition from SVCC to Augustana where students will complete their bachelor’s degree.

“What a great partnership with a premiere liberal arts college! Some of SVCC’s best students will be afforded the opportunity to transfer to and graduate from Augustana College thanks to the Augustana Next partnership,” said Dr. David Hellmich, SVCC president.


According to Augustana College President Andrea Talentino, the college was extremely intentional in selecting to partner with SVCC.

“Sauk Valley is one of only six colleges in the two-state region that we sought to partner with,” said Talentino. “Our outreach was driven by evidence that Sauk Valley offered an outstanding education and that their programs are some of the most distinguished in the state.”

Talentino said the quality of SVCC was affirmed during the year-long planning of this agreement and the many conversations Augustana representatives engaged in with President Helmich, Vice President Jon Mandrell and their colleagues.


“We plan together a long and steadily strengthening partnership for the benefit of the students and the region that we both serve,” she said.

Each year more than 100 students transfer to Augustana from community colleges and four-year colleges and universities. Augustana has several articulation agreements that have paved the way for transfer students to smoothly and successfully complete their bachelor’s degree at the Rock Island campus.

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