RNC speaker pulled from speaking Tuesday night was one of the speakers at the “Political Rally” held at Pleasant View Baptist Church in Bettendorf last December


It is only a second day for the Republican National Convention, and it is already filled with controversies. Today, only hours before giving her speech, Mary Ann Mendoza, a big supporter of Trump’s immigration policies, was pulled off her speaking slot for promoting anti-Semantic conspiracy theories on social media.  

Mendoza, who is on the advisory board of President Trump’s re-election campaign, advocates for Trump’s immigration policies. She is known as an “Angel mom” because in 2014 her son was killed by a drunk driver, who turned out to be an undocumented immigrant. Residents of Quad Cities might remember Mendoza from the Bettendorf immigration forum that took place in Pleasant View Baptist Church last December. The event was held by Scott County Teenage republicans and Mendoza’s incendiary remarks caused an uproar in the Quad City community with many residents distancing themselves from her remarks.  

Today, Mendoza was pulled off her speaking slot because in her tweet on Tuesday morning, she encouraged her followers to read a thread that included a lot of known anti-Semantic conspiracy theories and Qanon references. She deleted this tweet later and apologized.  


Although her video will no longer be part of RNC lineup, it seems that her remarks were still sent out to different media organizations.  

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