Rising Pop Superstar, Sara Zee is here and ready to claim her crown

Recording artist Sara Zee. Photo by Antonio Varela / Hola America

You might think that a young Latina born in the Bronx in the mid-nineties with dreams of becoming a Pop superstar would have Jennifer Lopez as her gold standard of what she could be one day.  But for Sara Zoraida Sierra, known as Sara Zee, it was a certain Southern Tejana singer that she would go on to mold her career in the likes of.  “I think I was like five or something when I saw the movie Selena,” said Zee.  “And just watching how good of a person she was, how beautiful she was, her different looks and styles, I was like wow, she really inspired me.”

Zee would eventually land in Reading, Pennsylvania around the age of nine where she met some friends who would help start her on her journey to becoming the rising star she is today.  “When I met them, we were like twelve or thirteen,” explained Zee.  “And they made a cd at twelve and they had a cousin in Jersey that produced their stuff and I thought that was amazing. They would always write music which would help me write music, which I always did, but I was by myself. Having a group was better.  We would all share our songs.”

Zee admits that it wasn’t until a few years later that she really started taking things more seriously around the age of twenty-two and that paid off as after many singles, Zee released her first full album, Phases, last November. “I don’t think it was any different recording wise,” said Zee.  “It was just different getting a cd cover and doing my whole album release party. It was a lot of back-end work that had to be done that I did myself. I didn’t really have a team.”


As many musicians focus on material things as they become more successful like houses, cars and clothes, Zee’s priorities hit closer to home, literally.  “What I’ve always wanted since I was little is for my family to be financially free,” explained Zee.  “I want to be able to provide that for my family because my mom was an immigrant with five children, on welfare, getting evicted, we were considered the poor family that needed help.  A lot of people want to buy fancy things, cars, the Gucci and Prada, not me.  My Prada is my family.”


With her single Dale Ruum Ruum rising the charts along with her latest song, Intensa doing the same, Zee has her own bucket list of musicians she would like to work with.  “I don’t have an, ‘oh my god, I’d love to work with that person’”, said Zee.  “But with the Latin community I’d like to work with J Balvin, Karol G and I would like to work with Daddy Yankee.  As for English artists I would like to work with Drake and if it’s possible to do a song with Rihanna, I would love to do that too.”

Zee was in the QCA last month laying tracks down with local producer Juan Vasquez.
Photo Antonio Varela / Hola America

With touring a major goal for Zee this year, the Quad Cities is on her radar to return sometime this summer.  Zee has ties to the area via her manager and President of Local Traffic Only Music Group, Cory Ewing.  “Three good qualities to have as a music artist are talent, the motivation to work, and the right attitude and willingness to learn how the business works,” explained Ewing.  “Sara has all three and she is constantly challenging herself in each area.  She is a professional in every sense and it shows.”  Zee was in the QCA last month laying tracks down with local producer, Juan Vasquez who had similar praise for Zee.  “She was awesome to work with,” said Vasquez.  “She is very versatile with her music.  She is very focused and knows what she wants and it wouldn’t surprise me to see her at the top very soon.”

For those looking up to her as she did to Selena, her message to them is very clear.  “It’s important to know your identify and know who you are. My motto is to stay humble, stay real and to stay you,” said Zee.   “I feel like whatever it is you want to do, just stay consistent.  Even if no one believes in you, just stay consistent. As long as you believe in yourself and go hard on yourself on a thousand, the more you are integrated in what you want to do. People are going to follow you.”

Follow Sara Zee on Instagram @iamsarazee and you can find her music on Spotify and your favorite music apps.

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