Ricardo Montoya-Picazo for Cass County Circuit Clerk


It is a known fact that Hispanic population grows bigger and bigger every year. That is why it is not a surprise that many Latinos are starting to become more involved in the political scene. Ricardo Montoya-Picazo is a well educated young Latino from Beardstown, Illinois who is running for Cass County Circuit Clerk.

 Ricardo Montoya-Picazo, originally from Aguascalientes, Mexico, graduated from University of Illinois in Springfield with a Masterís Degree in Political Sciences. Currently he is working at the Illinois Coalition for Community Services (ICCS). He is a community organizer who works with Latino communities is Cass, Warren, McDonough, Hancock and Bureau Counties. As part of his job Mr. Montoya-Picazo advocates for social and political needs of Latino communities in rural areas of Illinois. Also, this young man helps to develop strategies to help with problems in Latino communities by providing them training, technical assistance and approval for local funding so these communities could become stronger and learn to manage their own programs and operations. 

Mr. Montoya-Picazo is also a committeeman for Cass County Democratic Central Committee and he represents Precinct #4 in the Cass County. He is also a member of C.I.E.L.O. (Culturally Integrated Education for Latinos Organization), an organization dedicated to promoting education, employment and culture of Latino Americans to communities located in and around Springfield.  Mr. Montoya-Picazo is also a president of C.A.S.A. (Convivencia, Amistad, Servicio, y Accion). C.A.S.A.  promotes higher education among young Latinos who are graduating or have graduated from high school. 


He is the only and first Latino who is running for Circuit Clerk and come November 4 he could make history. 

“I want to bring change to Latinos, bring diversity and have bilingual staff,” Montoya-Picazo explained of his reasons to run for Circuit Clerk for Cass County 

As the Hispanic population is growing in numbers it is important to have Latinos to be more involved with politics. Good things can happen when more diverse people work towards making things better for others.



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