Renowned Iowa Immigration Lawyer Opens Satellite Office in Storm Lake to Better Serve the Migrant and Refugee Communities of Western Iowa

Sonia Parras at the Postville Raid 10 year remembrance mass May, 11 2018. Photo Tar Macias / Hola Iowa

On Monday, May 16 from 10 am – to noon, renowned immigration lawyer Sonia Parras Konrad will launch a Satellite Immigration Office in the city of Storm Lake, IA. The office will expand its services to the migrant and refugee communities of Storm Lake,  Fort Dodge, Denison, and Sioux City in Western Iowa. The satellite office will be located at 617 Lake Avenue, Storm Lake, IA on the second floor. Lawyer Sonia Parras Konrad will be providing the first consultations free of charge from now until the end of July. 

The headquarters for the Law Offices of Sonia Parras, PLLC are located at 2925 Ingersoll Ave, Suite 7, Des Moines, IA.

Sonia Parras Konrad is an immigration lawyer who has been practicing law for more than two decades now. She is known among the Iowa immigrant communities as someone who has fought and advocated for the people in the aftermath of the Postville, IA immigration raid of 2008, the largest immigration raid in U.S. History. As well as in other raids throughout Iowa in the last two decades. 


In 2002, she obtained the first group of u visas nationwide under the EEOC vs. De Coster case. The case was settled on behalf of the survivors (1.5 million dollars). In 2008, Sonia represented more than 200 immigrants detained during one of the largest raids in US history, in Postville, Iowa, containing 174 U visas for which the AILA awarded her its 2009 Michael Maggio Memorial Pro Bono Award.

Pedro Lopez was only 13 years old when his mom was one of the 389 people detained and eventually deported by ICE on May 12, 2008 in Postville. Thanks to the efforts of immigration lawyer Sonia Parras she was able to get Pedro’s family a U-visa and his mom was able to return to the US.
Pedro graduated in 2017 from Luther College and now lives in Minnesota.
He became a U.S. citizen in 2021.
Photo Tar Macias / Hola Iowa

Sonia is an activist and a national and international consultant and speaker on gender violence issues. She co-founded ASISTA, a national organization that provides legal technical assistance and training, founded the State-wide MUNA Legal Clinic of the Iowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence, LUNA, an all-Latina agency serving survivors of gender violence, and the Latina Leadership Initiative of Greater Des Moines (LLI). 

Parras’s empathy with the migrant communities originates from the fact that she is an immigrant herself. She is originally from Barcelona, Spain. She was a middle child in a big family with six children. Like any middle child, she was helping to take care of the youngest. After her parents divorced, she dropped out of High School and started working with her mother at a clothing factory. Soon she realized the paycheck she was getting does not cover all her basic needs so she made the decision to return to high school.  


The future lawyer listened to her mother’s advice and went on to study law.  

It was during school that Parras developed that special desire to use her degree to help women to make their lives better no matter where they are living in the world. Even today she has not given up on this purpose and often she works with the US Department of State going to different countries of Central and South America where she works with different organizations and governments helping them find ways to end gender violence.  

Although being a lawyer was not her first career choice, her mother’s words about Parras becoming an excellent attorney were a prediction that came true. 


Parras is a very accomplished and experienced lawyer and her decades-long commitment to helping the migrant communities is what has earned her the trust of her thousands of clients to date. 

If you are interested to learn more about the Law Office of Sonia Parras, PLLC, please visit To learn more about Satellite Immigration Office in Stormlake, IA please call 515-255-9317 . The Open House for the Satellite Immigration Office is on May 16, 2022, from 10 am to noon at 617 Lake Avenue, Storm Lake, IA on the second floor. 

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