I met Father Logan when he became the Pastor of Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in Silvis and it is exactly what I needed at that time.

He arrived to Our Lady of Guadalupe at time when the attendance was not so good and people were not to enthusiastic about church.

I was pretty lost at that time. I was ready to leave the catholic faith and he steered me back on the right direction. He was a great mentor for me he was always there for me when I had questions or as a shoulder for me to cry on.


One of the things that impressed me the most about Father Logan was that he children involved in the mass. He made it a special point to make the 10:30 mass the mass for the family. I know my children really enjoyed participating in the mass. He got a choir going and a children’s choir going also. It got so popular that they even made a CD.

It was those little things that inspired me and inspired the whole congregation.


He will be remembered as a man that was humble servant and a great disciple of Christ.

I truly loved the man and he will be missed.

God Bless you Father Logan!

Fernando Esparza



Father Johnjoseph DePorres “Jerry” Logan  

Jan. 22, 1947 – Feb. 9, 2016


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