QC Chamber Challenge: Welcome all people at your business


Quad Cities business leaders: Chamber President & CEO Paul Rumler has a challenge for you – If your business or organization welcomes all people and happily serves all customers, download the sign in this link and display it at your place of business by Jan. 31, 2020. https://quadcitieschamber.com/pdf/Welcoming_Business_Sign.pdf

The first 100 organizations to take the following actions will be recognized on the Chamber’s Facebook page: 

  1. Take a photo of your team next to the sign
  2. Post the photo on Facebook
  3. Tag the Chamber

“As we facilitate business growth, it is important to do so in a manner that fosters the culture of belongingness,” Rumler said. “The welcoming business sign helps our current and prospective members advance, and benefit from, our mission.”


The sign, designed by One Human Family QCA in alignment with the Q2030 Regional Action Plan, features the message, “We welcome all people.” “All,” in this case, encompasses abilities, ages, countries of origin, gender identities, races & ethnicities, religions, sexual identities and spoken languages.


The presence and message of these signs should create a healthier marketplace, said the Rev. Rich Hendricks, who founded One Human Family QCA with Rabbi Henry Karp. “The more inclusive a community we create, the more people you can do business with,” Hendricks said.

He also stressed the difference between accepting the idea of being welcoming to everybody and implementing it on a daily basis in the workplace. 


“We want people to feel comfortable walking into every business in the Quad Cities,” Hendricks said.

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