QC Ballet Folklorico gets ready for Cinco de Mayo


Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican American Holiday that is full of events and celebrations similar to St. Patrick’s Day thus creating a busy season for The Quad Cities ballet Folklorico.

Thirty years have passed since Mr. Arnulfo Camarillo founded the Quad Cities Ballet Folklorico. They have become a permanent fixture of Mexican culture in the Quad-Cities through dance and music. There are numerous performances throughout the year from dancers ranging in age from six to 16.
Our cameras were invited to one of their practices at the Moline Township where they worked on the last minute details and costume changes to make sure they have a successful series of presentations for their Cinco de Mayo presentations.
The dancers are not only learning new steps, they are also learning how the Mexican culture is a mix of many European influences.  It’s an educational experience that tells them the stories behind traditional Mexican songs and dances, which they would otherwise never know.  The community benefits as well since they are also learning about the Mexican culture.
At certain times the group was able to perform as far as Indiana, Minnesota and Arizona but have not been able to due to the high costs of traveling.  The group has also brought in dance instructors from different parts of Mexico that teach the students and Quad Cities Ballet Folkloric instructors new dances from different states in Mexico, something that they want to continue doing.  The group currently knows dances from more than 20 states in Mexico, for a total of over 100 different dances.
They currently have more than 50 kids that participate in this dance group ages vary from 6-16 years old. Although they have many kids participating director Ray Terronez wishes more boys would step up and join the group.
Check out the Quad Cities Ballet Folklorico as they get ready for their Cinco de Mayo presentations.

Future presentations for The Quad Cities Ballet Folklorico


Ganzo’s 5 de Mayo Fiesta
Saturday May 3, Noon at Ganzo’s in Marquette

St. Anne’s Cinco de Mayo Fiesta
Saturday May 3, 5-8 PM Cleary Hall, 1706 6th street, East Moline, IL

Cinco de Mayo Celebration at the Arsenal.
Sunday May 10, 3-5 PM at Heritage Hall, Bldg. 60, Arsenal Island





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