Q-C Activist Goes Toe to Toe With John McCain, Excluded from Meeting Obama


Iowa state director for LULAC, the League of United Latin American Citizens, Gilberto “G.G.” Sierra recently attended the LULAC national convention in Washington D.C. and met with Republican presidential candidate, John McCain. Sierra questioned the senator and accused him of not wanting to pass comprehensive immigration reform.

“Lindsey Graham of South Carolina does whatever the Bush administration wants him to do. He was in charge of the McCain-Kennedy bill. If they couldn’t pass it with him being in charge, they didn’t want to pass that bill. I said to McCain, don’t tell people you wanted to pass that bill because when you have Graham in charge for Bush’s agenda and it didn’t pass with him, you didn’t want to pass it,”Sierra told McCain.

“Then I told McCain that you, Bush and Obama should do a public service announcement telling every governor, legislator, county commissioner, supervisor, mayor, city councilmen to stay out of this business. One of these men, whoever wins the presidency should take care of this,” Sierra said.

Sierra also claims that the immigration debate has gone from dealing with the undocumented to brown bashing. He mentioned how things were getting worse in Iowa. McCain responded with, “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” according to Sierra.


Things got so bad, that Sierra was being held back by a former LULAC national president and the secret service grabbed someone that looked like him thinking it was Sierra.  As for the Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, he only met with 15 LULAC members but Gilberto Sierra was not allowed in the closed doors meeting.

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