Production is underway on “Letters Home to Hero Street”


Production is underway on WQPT’s and Fourth Wall Films’ short documentary “Letters Home to Hero Street”. The 30-minute film, funded in part by the Illinois Arts Council, will focus on a young Mexican-American veteran’s personal view of World War II as told through the letters he sent home to his family in Silvis, Illinois. He becomes one of eight veterans of WWII and the Korean War killed in combat from the same block-and-a half long neighborhood now called Hero Street, USA.

“The large amount of documentation and supporting materials is what made the decision for us to focus on him. Our “Soldier” was not chosen because he is more important than the other seven heroes, nor more important than others who have served and made the ultimate sacrifice. In ‘Letters Home to Hero Street’, he stands in for the seven and for all who have served,” said director Kelly Rundle.

“During the last two years we have interviewed a number of people close to the heroes from Silvis for a larger project, a feature-length documentary entitled “Hero Street,” which is still in progress,” said producer Tammy Rundle. “Each have been generous in sharing their stories, memories, photos and collections with us. As is the case with all bigger film projects, it has been more challenging to find funding and to tell the complex story of these eight men. We have had the wonderful support from MAVA, Marc Wilson, Joe Moreno and other generous individuals who wanted to help us keep the project moving forward.”


“Our collaboration with WQPT on the short film, “Letters Home to Hero Street”, provides an opportunity to focus on one individual who had hopes and dreams for his life, but was swept up into a global military conflict,” said director Kelly Rundle. Everyone has a story. This is just one of eight heroes. One of many heroes,” 

The other seven heroes of Hero Street, U.S.A. will be acknowledged in WQPT’s and Fourth Wall Films’ short film.

A special free premiere screening of “Letters Home to Hero Street” will take place Thursday, January 15th, 2015, 6PM-8PM at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, 800 – 17th Street, Silvis, IL (5 minutes from Hero Street). More information on the WQPT-PBS broadcast premiere and other broadcasts and screenings to come.


Photos courtesy of Fourth Wall Films

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