Preserving Small Neighborhood Schools


(Moline, IL) – Students, Parents, and Friends of Ericsson School will be walking the proposed route to Lincoln-Irving School to experience the trek Ericsson students will be expected to walk IF Ericsson School is closed by the Moline School District. Walkers will meet at Ericsson School, corner of 3rd Street and 5th Avenue, this Saturday (details below):

DATE:Saturday, February 15, 2014

TIME:10:00 AM


WHERE:From – Ericsson Elementary School, 335 5th Avenue, Moline

To – Lincoln-Irving Elementary School, 1015 16th Avenue, Moline


Those walking believe in the benefits of small neighborhood schools and their impact on children’s education, especially in districts with high percentage of low-income enrollment. They believe small neighborhood schools provide a more personal learning environment. **Research shows that small schools can: 1) raise student achievement; 2) reduce incidents of violence or disruptive behavior; 3) combat student anonymity and isolation; 4) increase attendance and graduation rates; 5) elevate teacher satisfaction; 6) improve school climate; 7) be more cost effective; and 8) be as good as or better than big schools. **Publication source: Small Schools: The Numbers Tell a Story – a review of the research and current experiences of small schools. The Small School Workshop, Michael Klonsky.


“Today, the American dream is being shattered for so many kids because their schools are so big and so highly tracked. It really is the civil rights issue of the 21st century.” 


– Michael Klonsky, director of The Small Schools Workshop, June 10 U.S. News and World Report 



This event is sponsored by Friends of Ericsson School and Palomares Social Justice Center. For more information, call Terry Stimpson at (309) 236-5120

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