Please join me at 2015 Immigrant Entrepreneurs Summit


Please join me at 2015 Immigrant Entrepreneurs Summit (IES) on November 21, 2015 at the DMACC Ankeny Campus FAA building. 


Eight years ago, three immigrant business owners started this non-profit organization called the Immigrant Entrepreneurs Summit. The thought behind this event was to educate immigrant business owners to start and operate a successful business in this land of opportunities. Since that time, IES advocates for immigrant business owners, provides a venue for immigrant businesses owners to connect with the greater business communities in our state and country. IES provides opportunities to everyone through education and networking. IES is all about nurturing, love and gratitude. 

I am an immigrant. I am most thankful to the people who have welcomed and supported me, my business, my family and my children. As the Chair of IES, I invite you to come to this event. Together, we will celebrate the unity, the sharing, and most importantly, the learning. It is our goal for every business owner to learn more, do more and to earn more. IES is for you and is for your fellow immigrant friends who are eager to be financially successful. There are 18 practical business seminars to transform you into a well-informed business man and woman in less than 3 hours. Come to IES, support IES and celebrate IES — go to 


Watch how four new immigrant business owners compete for $5,000 Wells Fargo’s cash to help start and grow their business! There will also be opportunities to win draw prizes that include electronic business gadgets and smart tools for your business and personal use.

Registration is $35.00. If registering online, use the promote code HOLAIES to get $10.00 off the ticket price. There are also scholarship opportunities for those who need financial assistance to attend the event. Call 515-288-3188. 

Welcome to IES! 


Ying Sa – the Chair of IES


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