Our Lady of San Juan de los Lagos is returning to St. Mary’s Church in Sterling, IL from Friday September 6 – Sunday September 8, 2019.

Our Lady of San Juan de Los Lagos is considered the second most visited image by pilgrims in Mexico (The first most visited is the Virgin of Guadalupe on Cerro de Tepeyac). It is believed that this small image is miraculous. Since 1632, she has been associated with helping with problems that involve mortal danger. The original image of Our Lady of San Juan de Los Lagos is in Jalisco, Mexico.


  Even though the original image has been made of paste from Michoacán, which is simple mix of corn husks and glue, the image has not deteriorated over many years of existence. This image is of the Virgin standing up with her hands joined in prayer. It has a blue gown with stars on it and moon crescent at the bottom of her feet and two small angels above her hold a ribbon with written words “Mater inmaculata ora pro nobis” (Immaculate Mother, pray for us).


This will be the seventh year that Our Lady of San Juan de los Lagos comes to St. Mary’s Church located at 509 Avenue B in Sterling, IL. In those four days that the image will be at St. Mary’s Church there will be events, special masses and prayers. The following is the schedule of events.

Friday September 6

8:00 AM   Church opens for visits

8:30 AM   Mass in English

10:00 AM   Mass in honor of Our Lady of San Juan de Los Lagos in Spanish

11AM-12PM Confessions in Spanish after mass

4:00 PM Rosary and Confessions

5:00 PM Small presentation at Church

6:30 PM Mass for the sick.

7:30-8:30 PM Bilingual Confessions

Saturday September 7

6:30 AM Mass with Choir

8:00 AM Doors open for visits


8:30 AM Mass in English

10:00 AM   Mass in Spanish and homily 

2:00 PM  Bilingual Confessions

4:00 PM   Confessions in English

5:00 PM   Mass in English

Sunday September 8

7:00 AM   Mass in English 

8:30 AM   Mass in English

9:30 AM   Pilgrimage from St. Andrew’s Church in Rock Falls to St. Mary’s in Sterling

10:00 AM   Mass in English

11:30 AM   Mass in Spanish with Bishop David Malloy 

Mass to say goodbye with Bishop David Malloy. Offering of flowers form children. Gathering after the mass in Bales Hall of Parochial Center. The food will be blessed by Bishop David Malloy.


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