On Thursday, March 3, join immigrants and allies from around the state at the Capitol to show legislators that Iowans stand with immigrants.


Let’s show legislators and the state that we care about the rights of immigrants in Iowa! Come to the Iowa State Capitol building for a morning of  advocacy and education! We want to push back against legislation harmful to immigrants and Latinos and fight for the rights of all Iowans.

We’ll be gathering in the Legislative Dining Room (Room G15) at the Capitol at 9:00 am. We’ll talk about what we want to achieve that day, and the best ways to do that. After that, we’ll head upstairs to lobby our legislators.

Here’s the bills we’re most concerned about:


● Warrantless Detentions (HF 2276): Would prohibit local law enforcement from refusing to comply with warrantless ICE detention requests, and targets the 26 Iowa sheriffs who have committed to uphold the Constitution by doing so. Here are talking points on warrantless detentions and the text of the bill.

● Temporary Visitor’s Driver’s Licenses (SB 1092 & HF 2318): Would extend Iowa drivers licenses to all eligible drivers, regardless of immigration status. Here are talking points on drivers licenses and the text of the House bill.

● Racial Profiling (SF 2173 & HF 2376): Attempts to combat the problem of discriminatory policing in Iowa. Here are talking points, and the text of the House bill and the Senate bill.


● And other important bills.

Parking: Visitor parking is located on the west side of the Capitol but is limited. There is a free parking ramp on the corner of E Grand & E 7th, just a few blocks from the Capitol. Here’s a map of the Capitol



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