Nuestra Gente returns with new episodes and new hosts


After taking some time off, the Spanish television program Nuestra Gente is back in full swing. As we had informed you earlier we had been working hard on changes to the program that we hope you will enjoy.

First of all, you will notice that the Nuestra Gente team has grown. Thanks to the casting that took place last month we’ve added a few new faces that you will have the opportunity to see every Sunday morning. Part of our mission is to help the Hispanic community grow, progress and become more educated about different matters in life. That is why we ask you to help us support all of the young talent who will form part of our team.


Of course, these young people are barely starting out, but they have talent, charisma and a desire to learn new things. Along with these young people we will continue working with everyone’s favorite DJ, Luis Lara. But Mr. Lara will not entertain us with his jokes all alone; the famous DJ from KALA Yesenia Flores “La Risueña” will accompany him as well. As you can see the new team of Nuestra Gente is very colorful and has a lot of Latin flavor to it.

Secondly, we are in the process of adding new and interesting segments. Of course, you will continue enjoying the segments that became everyone’s favorite like the Nuestra Gente Kitchen and our birthday segment, but along with old favorites we will be adding new ones that will hopefully also win your hearts. For example, the star singer of Quad Cities Lexcano will present a segment called “¿Que Pasa?” (“What’s Happenin’”) with a young lady name named Sammy. This segment will talk about things that are going on locally. But besides fun and music these young people are full of ideas that will help encourage the Hispanic community and help everyone learn that dreams do come true with a little hard work.

We, the Nuestra Gente team, feel very enthusiastic about all the new things that are happening with the program. We will present you with new faces, new stories, new themes and a lot more. The Spanish television program Nuestra Gente is here to stay. Don’t forget to start your Sunday mornings with us. Tune in every Sunday morning at 9am on channel CW.

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