Nikki Rivera Is The New Queen Of The Fiestas Patrias 2008


Nikki Rivera was named Queen of the Fiestas Patrias 2008 of Sterling-Rockfalls in which she will represent the Latin American Social Club during the Mexican Independence parade that will take place on the weekend of September 13th through the streets of Sterling and Rockfalls that will start at 1:00 p.m.

There was a good attendance on Saturday, August 23rd at the Latin American Social Club in Sterling, to witness the contest in which the fiesta queen would be elected from one of the strong candidates that participated made up of Elvira Amezola, Marcela Cantu, Vanessa Briseño, Kathy Rodriguez and Nikki Rivera.

The candidates had the opportunity to put in their best efforts and receive the best score for their presentation, their talent and finally, their knowledge in the History of the Mexican Independence.  The participants looked gorgeous and were anxious to see who the winner would be.  The prizes included the scholarships for the candidates and a one year membership of the Club for the queen.


The judges were made up of respectable members of our community such as Denise Harts, Emma Valdivia, Steve Caudillo, Carlos Muñoz and Camilo Quintana, who took part in the vote so that the title of queen would be given to one of the five candidates.  At the final count of the votes, Nikki was the one who received a higher score.

The MC was Father Jesus Dominguez and the organizers of the event were members of the 2008 patriotic celebrations subcommittee who did an excellent job.  Thanks to the community for the great support they offered these young women.

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