New Years Resolutions


A new year is always an opportunity to renew ourselves, to erase that one part of ourselves that we don’t like or were we feel is the part were we are failing at, or just maybe were we feel we need to better ourselves.
For that reason many people began the New Year with a list of new resolutions for the New Year some very small, but in some cases may become so big that it’s almost impossible to get it done and some may give up before they even begin.In the end; how do these resolutions or goals help us? What is the purpose of creating resolutions for ourselves? What are the kinds of resolutions or goals that we have to make or that we need the most?Some people suggest that it is better to say ‘I’m going to stop doing this’ instead of ‘I’m going to do this’. Either way, what we need to keep our focus on is that we can’t forget that these resolutions or goals are always a way to lead us to better our own lives, and the lives of those around us as well as our destiny. In turn by forcing ourselves to be better, we acquire the ability to have better habits or manners, which those around us will not take unnoticed.One way to avoid making our resolutions or goals a burden is to begin by placing short term goals. For example if our resolution is to quit smoking, we may begin by not smoking one day at a time. To loose weight is a very common goal, maybe we may begin by leaving those foods that we know are high in fat and sugar, and maybe even to revise or try to change our eating habits for more healthy and balanced meals. To get rid of debt is another common goal in which maybe we could begin by not getting ourselves into more debt; and maybe coming up with a plan on how to free ourselves from the debt we already have.These are very common goals and resolutions, but we can’t forget that our everyday lives in which we are always interacting with other could also use a resolution involving working on our human relationships; with our family, our co-workers, at school or even with our neighbors. This is part of the things we as humans strive to overcome. There is always something we can do to better ourselves and we could always do a frequent re-check to our list of goals.
But we still have to be realistic, we can always begin very disciplined and at any moment have relapses. We can’t give up after a relapse, the most important thing is to always keep trying, and above all not place on ourselves goals that we know before hand we can not complete or that are too strict that we will become stressed and are going to affect us emotionally instead of letting us feel good about the goals or resolutions we did fulfill.
The English politician Harold Macmillan said: “We should use the past like a trampoline and not like a sofa”. WHICH MEANS TO CHANGE A BAD HABIT FOR A GOOD ONE, which would change our lives in a progressive and significant way. But like Alejandro Maldonado says in his weekly phrase: “Whoever wants to do something, will find a way. Whoever doesn’t want to something, will find an excuse”.

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