Nally’s Kitchen fusion of different cuisines makes their food unique and unforgettable


One can say he grew up in the kitchen. When Nassr Muhammad was just a young boy in Mato Grosso, Brazil, he spent many hours watching and even helping his mother to make empanadas for sale in her kitchen. After a while he developed passion for cooking and this passion did not fade over the years. In fact, this passion for cooking helped him after he got laid off his job.  Instead of worrying over the loss of the job, Mr. Muhammad saw it as an opportunity to finally do what he loves. So in 2014 his wife Alicia, who is originally from Mexico, and Mr. Muhammad opened Nally’s Kitchen. Since then it has gained many followers who love the food made with love and care by Nassr Muhammad himself.

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This international couple works hard together. They try everything in their power to make Nally’s Kitchen into a place where customers can gather and have a nice conversation over a great plate of hearty food made with love. And of course it is a huge plus that the prices for the food are very affordable.

Lower price for a plate does not mean less quality. In fact, the food here is not what you would find in other Mexican food places in the Quad Cities. In spite of having a menu that is heavy on Mexican dishes like tacos, burritos, enchiladas, tamales and etc., here the fusion of different cuisines makes food unique and unforgettable.


empanadasFood at Nally’s Kitchen can be described as a delicious symphony that combines the best of Brazilian, Mexican and Mediterranean cuisines. The food that Mr. Muhammad prepares was inspired by his mother, who by the way “was one of the best cooks around” and who “did everything without measuring cups,” and in spite of that, the food always had the same lovely taste. Also, as a way to honor his father, who was born in the Middle East and taught Mr. Muhammad to make dishes of his land, Muhammad adds an unforgettable Mediterranean flair to his dishes. And when it comes to spicing up the dishes they prepare, this international couple looks into Mrs. Muhammad’s heritage. Nally’s Kitchen is truly a fusion of flavors and tastes that complement and play off of each other.

Mr. Muhammad’s empanadas and churros are well known among his customers. Brazilian style empanadas are flavorful and for Mr. Muhammad it is like going back a few years to a small kitchen in Brazil where he made them with his mother. They are flaky, they are tasty and they might as well be as good as his mothers’. Maybe that’s why they are so popular among his customers. Those residents of the Quad Cities that love tacos, but wish to try something new surely will be delighted with Mr. Muhammad’s empanadas. And for all the tacos lovers out there Nally’s Kitchen has Taco Tuesdays when you get special deals on tacos. No matter the day of the week the owners of this restaurant make sure the food here is always fresh and tasty. Once customer comes here, they keep coming back because they cannot get enough of this unique taste that only Nally’s Kitchen can offer.

Nally’s Kitchen is a place where ordinary food is infused with extraordinary flavors. The owners, Nassr and Alicia Muhammad, bring their diverse backgrounds together. The kitchen mixes and combines Brazilian, Mexican and Mediterranean cuisines and the result is a delicious journey for every customer no matter what they order. Visit Nally’s Kitchen at 1622 Rockingham Road, Davenport. Look for them in Facebook for updates and special offers.


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