N.C. student who wore Mexican flag to graduation finally gets diploma


Many events happened this past week, but the one that gained a lot of attention on social media was Ever López a student at Asheboro High School in North Carolina being declined their diploma for wearing the Mexican flag atop his graduation gown.

The reason López was declined was for wearing the Mexican Flag on their graduation ceremony and was stopped halfway through the stage to be told that the flag was a disruption to the ceremony. 

Moments after the famous video was released. The school district released two statements, stating that Ever López the student was violating the schools dress code for the ceremony. 


The community came together to support López in the event of getting his diploma from the school. Members of the community and the president of the local NAACP waited outside while the family went to get the diploma. 

“We want to let everyone know that we stand shoulder to shoulder with anyone in our community who is trying to be silenced. And so when individuals try to make political points by trying to threaten or trying to scare people away from  making their voice heard the NAACP stands with you to say your voice will be heard and you will not be silenced” said the President from the local NAACP Chip Foust in Randolph County 

Foust continues “one of the good things is that the  sides aren’t too far apart. I really believe When they sit down and they talk they come to a very just and a very equitable resolution very quickly.”


The community stands shoulder to shoulder with Dr. Crooks that threats are not the answer. 

After a couple minutes went by López came out not only with a piece of paper, but the community rejoiced in celebration as they supported the latino graduate. 


“It’s not just Evers diploma, but it’s all of our diplomas, the community diplomas.” said Margarita López 

“I am very grateful to Dr Penny Crooks, because she has agreed to meet parents and students on how to address change. We will keep moving forward so this doesn’t happen to students.” said López Mother


Policies are being re-evaluated in the school and community members are working together with Dr. Crooks to bring change. 


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