As celebrations for Mexican Independence Day will be happening all over the QCA, the Mississippi Valley Fair’s: Great River Quilt Show will have their celebrations on display in the form of beautiful quilts on Friday, September 16th, and Saturday, September 17th, in Davenport, IA. 

As over four hundred quilts will be on display, two of them will have a special meaning that weekend.  A quilt designed with fabric by Alexander Henry, a premier textile design house producing cutting-edge and original cotton prints, of Frida Kahlo in the garden will be showcased.

It is surrounded with fabrics depicting garden themes from Mexico. Flowers, butterflies, fruits, and parrots border the outside of the quilt using a broken dishes design.  A second quilt focusing on Our Lady of Guadalupe will also be displayed.  Both quilts are pieced by Sara Detweiler and quilted by Adele Forest.  

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