Mexican Passport/ Matricula, is it Needed?


pasaporte-matricula_mexicanaAs a result of a new law that takes effect on Jan. 23 not only are U.S. citizens affected on the passport issue but United States residents and nationals from Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean will need to have a passport when flying out the country. Thus any foreign non- U.S born national is affected. Nancy Rodriguez, an operator with the Mexican Consulate of Omaha, Neb. said, “In this case because of the new law, everyone [non-U.S. citizens that will travel out of the country] will need a passport. You will need a birth certificate.”     A few questions arise on whether a matricula card or passport from the Mexican government is valid or even needed. “The matricula is for identification and the Mexican passport is for when you want to travel and go to Mexico. The passport is also to return [to the United States].” Rodriguez said.    The Mexican Consulate of Omaha now makes it obligatory to call 1-877-MEXITEL (1-877-639-4835) to obtain an appointment and transmit the matricula consular and passport.    Some people are not able to travel to where the Mexican consulates of Chicago, Omaha, and others are located. They rely on the consulates coming through thru the mobile consulate better known as “consulado mobil.” The new consulate law does not affect mobile consulates. “You need an appointment with the consulate but we are not in charge of the mobile consulates.” Nancy Rodriguez of the Mexican Consulate said. Rodriguez highly recommends that you call 1-877-MEXITEL (1-877-639-4835) for more specific information.

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