Mexican actress Ana Ofelia Murguía, voice of Mama Coco, dies at 90


Ana Ofelia Murguía was a Mexican actress born in Mexico City on December 8th, 1933. She completed her acting education at Mexico’s National School of Theatre Arts. In 1954, she made her debut in the play Trial By Fire, and a decade later, she took on her first film role in the 1964 movie Transit.

Her remarkable achievements include winning the Best Supporting Actress category at the Ariel Awards, Mexico’s foremost acting accolades, in 1979, 1986, and 1996. The awarded films encompass La Reina de la Noche (The Queen of the Night), a poignant story about a female cabaret artist who embarks on a new life in Mexico after fleeing Nazi Germany. Despite three additional nominations for Best Supporting Actress, she holds the distinction of having the most Best Actress nominations without securing a victory, having been nominated five times.

Murguía was famously known in Mexico. She had over 100 roles that encompassed stage, film, and television in over seven decades. Often she gave life to villains.


In 2018, she had her last role in the José José: El Príncipe de la Canción, a Spanish-language American biographical telenovela.

In 2017, she became mostly known worldwide for her role as Mama Coco in the emotional Disney Pixar movie Coco, an Oscar-winning animated film. The narrative unfolds with a 12-year-old boy named Miguel Gonzalez, who finds himself inadvertently transported to the Land of the Dead. In this realm, he endeavors to enlist the assistance of his late musician great-great-grandfather, aiming to reunite with his living family and overturn the ancestral prohibition on music. In the movie, Mama Coco’s memory continues to fade away, but Miguel helps her remember her dad so that he is able to reunite with his family on The Day of the Dead. 

Ana Ofelia Murguía had impactful roles and her legacy will continue to live on.

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