“Memorias Coloridas” is a Tapestry of Poetry and Art with a Day of the Dead Theme, A Poetry Book You Can Color


“Memorias Coloridas” is a 98-page poetry and coloring book released by the Chicago-based Zarape, LLC.

Filled with original poetry and hand drawings, this book is intricately detailed for hours of quality time with family, friends or as a personal pastime. The combination of the literature and artwork is sure to be a treasured possession for years to come.

“This book was written for and inspired by my grandmother Maria Olga Deleon Garza, a strong and hardworking woman whom I loved dearly.” -Amelia Orozco, author of Memorias Coloridas


Memorias Coloridas 2The author, Amelia Orozco’s vision began as a young woman when she would often write poetry and prose for her late maternal grandmother. With it, she commemorates the rich, cultural tradition of her family and upbringing in South Texas. Always surrounded by music, food and stories of long ago, her work is brought beautifully to life by the original hand drawings of Karina Gomez and Laura Gomez, two sisters from Chihuahua, Mexico whose artistic talent and love of art can be traced to their father, who is also an artist. Their art is reflective of the Day of the Dead, which preserves a longtime tradition of honoring those who paved the way through the stories. It is their hopes, readers can experience this too as they read and color each thoughtful image.

This book was especially created for those who like to reminisce about family, tradition and culture, and hope to relive some of those memories through this coloring book. The creators of this book share the essence of their Mexican and Chicano culture, memories of family pastimes and celebrations, which are brought to life by the one-of-a-kind illustrations. This work is a celebration of Hispanic traditions full of color, flavors, pain and love, bound together throughout this book with words and art, bringing the reader and artist closer to experiencing these cherished moments of the creators’ lives.

Take a look inside the book on Amazon at: http://a.co/ilCVTJ0 and follow Zarape Books on social media: Instagram @memoriascoloridas & Facebook: @zarapebooks


Start creating your own colorful memories within the pages of this unique poetry and coloring book. Available now through Amazon and at the National Museum of Mexican Art gift shop in Chicago.

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