MEET THE CANDIDATE – Joshua Owens for Rock Island County Recorder


With all the craziness of the national election, it is easy to forget that voters are also voting to fill various positions in local government offices. Meet Joshua Owens who is a candidate for Rock Island County Recorder.

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Rock Island is his home and Joshua Owens strongly believes that “it’s time for new leadership.” Also, according to him, the election on the county level should not be about party affiliation, but it should be about the right candidate. Mr. Owens believes he is a right candidate for the recorder in Rock Island County. He has vast experience, good education and is passionately dedicated to public service. Mr. Owens is well qualified to become a recorder of Rock Island County. In addition, if elected he said he will not forget about the community that would put their trust into him. He will give back 5% of his yearly earnings to local nonprofit organizations as part of his dedication to public service.

In 2008 Mr. Owens graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Computer Network Administration with a minor in Management from St. Ambrose University. In 2010 he earned Master of Organizational Leadership from St. Ambrose University. Mr. Owens holds a graduate certificate in Organizational Management and Leadership and another one in Strategic Planning.


Besides a good education, Mr. Owens has extensive experience of 20 years. He worked for years with nonprofit organizations, such as the Boys & Girls Club, and for the past seven years he has also worked as manager for a local law office as criminal/ immigration paralegal.

Mr. Owens gives back to the community he lives in. During his free time he helps running a non-profit boxing club for at-risk young people. He also was involved in fundraising for the boxing club.

Mr. Owens is well aware of the needs of the diverse community. He speaks Spanish fluently and he spent some time living in Ecuador volunteering at La Aurora in Cuenca helping young people from the streets. He also traveled to Mexico. Overall, he worked advocating for Hispanic community for fourteen years.


Mr. Owens is well prepared to lead recorder’s office. He also set some goals for recorder’s office and if elected he will make the following goals happen:

  • Mr. Owens wants to make the recorder’s office more efficient and productive, which in turn will lower the costs for the taxpayers.
  • Mr. Owens looks to modernize the office. He wants to make as many records as he can electronic. This will allow the residents an easier access to the safeguarded records.
  • Mr. Owens wants to make the recorder’s office fully transparent
  • Mr. Owens wants to implement necessary procedures for hiring qualified personnel and not employees that are somehow related or are close friends to people in current positions.

Joshua Owens is a candidate for the people who work hard for the community. It’s time for new leadership in Rock Island County.


What is a Recorder?

Recorder is a government office that maintains public records and documents, especially, those that are related to real estate ownership. In Rock Island County the recorder also is tasked with maintaining veterans’ records (veterans’ discharge papers), corporate papers, and instruments relating to the Uniform Commercial Code (a body of laws governing commercial transactions in the United States).


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