Meet the 2016 LULAC Queen Candidates

Tres de las candidatas a la Reina LULAC 2016 Kristal Caudillo de Silvis, IL; Daisy Moran de Moline, IL y Karina Flores de Moline, IL

The LULAC Queen Contest is underway and this year we have 6 Queen Candidates. They are Kristal Caudillo of Silvis, IL; Maria Duran of Davenport, IA; Karina Flores of Moline, IL; Daisy Moran of Moline, IL; Thalia Ruiz of East Moline, IL & Fabiola Trujillo of East Moline, IL.

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Fabiola Trujillo de East Moline, IL
Fabiola Trujillo de East Moline, IL

This year the LULAC Fiesta will be different. It will be held in conjunction with the VIVA QC Fiesta on Saturday, September 10 at the Isle Casino parking lot area in Bettendorf, IA.
This collaboration will give the LULAC Queen contest a bigger audience, as the LULAC Fiesta Queen 2016 will be crowned during VIVA QC.
Raising funds for scholarships is the main objective of the LULAC Queen contest, but for many of the participants throughout the years it has become a family custom.
Last year, Assata Caldwell the 2013 LULAC Queen graduated from Iowa State University, where she studied Biological Pre-Medical Illustration. She shared with us what it meant for her to be LULAC Queen.
“Being Queen was a great experience, firstly, for my family because running has been a tradition. My aunt was queen, my sister was queen and I was honored to be a part of that tradition,” Caldwell said. “I received two LULAC scholarships during my time in college and those scholarships really helped me be able to afford getting my degree. I believe all students that wish to continue their education should be given that opportunity for that bit of help, and running for queen helped me raise those funds for them.”
“This is a very important part of our annual scholarship fundraising effort. For many years the Queen contest has helped sustain the scholarship program,” Mike Reyes, LULAC Iowa State Director and member of LULAC Davenport, said.
To date the Davenport Council has awarded close to $500,000 to approximately 755 area students.
LULAC Davenport in collaboration with LULAC Moline will award this year $33,000 to 48 Quad City area students who sought the scholarship to fund their future educational goals. The chosen students were ones that exemplified studious work and grades, as well as showcasing school and community involvement.
So make sure you support your favorite candidate or candidates for LULAC Queen. The tickets are only $1 and all the proceeds will go to help support scholarships for local students.

Queens 2
Maria Duran de Davenport, Iowa y Karina Flores de Moline, IL

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