McDonalds back at it again with their new Collaboration!


Every little kid’s dream is for their mom to pull up to the drive thru for McDonalds Famous French Fries. Many kids have shared this moment of being denied and being told “We have food at the house”

As time goes on those needs change. Now change the very moment to having your favorite artists collaborate with a famous food chain. Now combine that very moment of wanting those french fries with a signature meal from an Artist.

A collaboration is born, after rumors and teasing McDonalds release details about their next collaboration. On Wednesday, May 26 BTS also known as the Bangtan Boys; make their Signature meal. This meal includes a coke and fries, 10 piece chicken nuggets with 2 exclusive sauces! These 2 exclusive sauces include Sweet Chili and Cajun.


This isn’t the first collaboration McDonalds has done. McDonalds first ever collaboration was with Michael Jordan in 1992. The meal was known as the McJordan Burger and many fans loved the idea of an icon like Jordan creating a signature meal!

 It wasn’t until October 4th, 2020 a long period of silence had closed. Travis Scott had collaborated with McDonalds for the next big thing! 

With the release of the Travis Scott Burger, it included a quarter pounder with bacon. A medium Sprite with Fries and BBQ Sauce! This meal is very similar to the McJordan Burger. With the Launch of the release also came a merch drop. The Travis Scott Burger started trending which made headlines and even sold out on their signature meal in certain locations. 


Following Travis Scott was the J Balvin meal, a Columbian Artist known for reggaeton and an Icon in the Latino Community. This was the first time ever a Latino collaborated with McDonalds. J Balvin also had the opportunity to include a merch drop for their collaboration as well.

Throughout these collaborations employees from McDonalds would also get special edition uniforms for the special occasion. 


With the recent Collaboration, McDonalds dropped a tweet showing hints, building up for the BTS signature meal. McDonalds also gave hints about a Phase 2 to their collaboration “Heightened Alert” for the 21st of June. In which they mention in a post on Facebook. 

The meal is available in over 50 countries and details have not been released yet on how long this signature meal will stay. 


BTS has also dropped merch and more details may be found on the McDonald’s twitter account. The meal is available in the U.S get them before they are gone!

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