Mayor of Dixon Liandro Arellano Jr. has announced he is running for State Rep.


This past week Mayor of Dixon Liandro Arellano Jr. announced his run in the Republican primary for State Representative in the 74th district.

It was 2015 when Arellano dipped his toes in politics. He ran for the mayor of Dixon, IL and won. In the fall of 2021 Arellano was contemplating his run for the higher office.

“I started seriously considering a run for the General Assembly last fall,” Arellano shared.

He explained that he was waiting for the redistricting process and to know the plans of his fellow Republicans. Now that Tom Demmer has decided to run for State Treasure and Tony McCombie indicated that she would be looking to take the seat in the redrawn 89th District, Arellano has a clear way to secure the party nomination.

Since his run for the mayor of Dixon, Arellano always shared how much he cared for rural Illinois and his plans to improve this part of the state for all residents. Now that he is running for higher office he indicated he will continue fight for the better future of everyone in rural Illinois.

“I want to advocate for rural Illinois in a way that ensures all residents, no matter their background, have economic opportunity,” he said. “This includes supporting policies that help get property taxes under control; improving education; and advocating for rural infrastructure and investment. Stabilizing the annual state budget, especially in regards to pension payments, is absolutely critical to affording future educational needs and to implementing property tax relief. As such, budgetary issues will be very high on my immediate list of priorities.”

Arellano believes that him being a business owner, grandson of immigrants and Army squad leader puts him in a right position to understand the needs of his constituents and represent them better.


“My experiences as a business owner, mayor, Army squad leader, and as the grandson of an immigrant provide a truly unique blend of skills and experience to offer in that service,” he shared.

If he wins the seat, he hopes to represent the residents of his district with as much strength as he showed in his position as mayor of Dixon.

“I consider it important for our rural Sauk Valley to continue to have strong representation in Springfield, especially given that we are losing both our current State Representative and State Senator,” Arellano explained why he believes that rural Iillinois needs a strong State Representative.

Since the beginning of his career as politician he emphasized over and over again how important it is for him to listen to his constituents’ concerns.


“One thing critically important to me is to listen and be accessible to my constituents. As Mayor of Dixon I have made sure that anyone, no matter their party or policy positions, could call me or meet with me. I have built a reputation of transparency and true service to the community,” Arellano shared why his constituents hold him in high regard. “I will proudly continue that across the whole 74th legislative district when I am elected. Being a good representative starts by listening to all voices.”

The primary election is on June 28, 2022. If Liandro Arellano wins the primary election he will move on to the general election in November. Liandro Arellano is running for State Representative for District 74.

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